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Three Delicious Ways to Enjoy Fresh Corn on the Cob

July 30, 2014 12:02 pm

Though corn on the cob is a summertime favorite that you enjoy every year, there are always ways to spice up this warm weather side dish. From sweet to smoky, corn can be cooked with a wide variety of different flavors. Check out these three delicious ways to prepare fresh corn on the cob, and then try one out for dinner tonight!

Roasted Corn with Oregano Butter [Martha Stewart]
It takes only a few simple ingredients to create this delightfully roasted side dish. Create the oregano butter using plain butter and fresh herbs and spices, and then spread the butter on the corn before you grill it to perfection.

Grilled Corn with Mango-Habanero Butter [Delish]
Anyone with a sweet tooth will love this sweet and spicy recipe for good old-fashioned corn on the cob. The mango-habanero butter is what gives it its unique flavor, combining the juicy taste of fresh mango with hot peppers, flavorful cilantro, and smooth, sweet honey.

Fire Roasted Grilled Corn [McCormick]
Imitate the grilled flavor of the corn served at your favorite Mexican restaurant with this recipe for Fire Roasted Grilled Corn. Grilling instead of boiling gives the corn a tender, blackened taste that simply can’t be imitated.

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Silverline Metro opening July 26th!

July 27, 2014 4:53 pm

Metro General Manager and CEO Richard Sarles today announced the opening date for Silver Line service.

“We have set the opening date for the Silver Line as Saturday, July 26,” said Sarles. “The five new Silver Line stations will open to customers at noon, and the first Silver Line train will depart Wiehle-Reston East, bound for Largo Town Center, at that time.”

Silver Line trains will operate between Reston and Largo at the same frequency as most other lines. During rush hours, trains will run every 6 minutes; at off-peak times, trains will run every 12 to 20 minutes. Five new stations will be added to the system: McLean, Tysons Corner, Greensboro, Spring Hill and Wiehle-Reston East.

Silver Line is a 23-mile extension of the existing Metrorail system with new tracks that extend from East Falls Church, through Tysons and Reston, and eventually to Washington Dulles International Airport west to Ashburn.

Phase 1 of the project will add four new stations in Tysons, Virginia’s largest employment center, and one in Reston. Metro expects to begin Silver Line service in summer 2014. And, once Phase 2 is complete, it will provide a transfer-free ride from Washington Dulles International Airport to downtown Washington. Phase 2 service is projected to begin in 2018.

Construction on the first phase of the Metrorail began in March 2009. Phase 1 will branch off the Orange Line between the East Falls Church Station and West Falls Church Stations passing through Tysons (4 stops) to Wiehle Avenue (1 stop) in Reston. Phase 2 will extend the Metrorail from Reston and Herndon to Dulles International Airport and into eastern Loudoun County. Phase 2 construction has begun.

Where will Silver Line go?

The Silver Line will branch off from the Orange Line between East Falls Church and West Falls Church. There will be five new stations in Phase 1 – four clustered around Tysons, and one farther west at Wiehle Avenue in Reston. Phase 2 will reach Dulles Airport and beyond in several years.

When will the Silver Line connect with Dulles Airport?

The Silver Line will connect with Dulles International Airport when Phase 2 is completely built and open for rail service. Phase 2 is projected to open in 2018. When Phase 1 Silver Line service begins, Metrobus, Fairfax Connector, and Washington Flyer buses will connect Dulles Airport to the Metrorail system and Washington DC.

Where can I go on the Silver Line?

Most of Tysons Corner will be within a half-mile of a Silver Line station, or about a 15-minute walk. That includes Tysons Galleria and Tysons Corner Center shopping malls, restaurants, and the nearly 100,000 jobs in the area.

How will Silver Line connect with the other Metrorail lines?

Traveling east, Silver Line trains will join the existing Orange Line just west of East Falls Church, and then travel all the way through downtown D.C. to Largo Town Center, serving all stations along the way just like the Orange and Blue Lines. The Metro map has been redesigned to show Silver Line, in addition to existing Orange and Blue lines, through downtown D.C.

How frequently will Silver Line run?

It will have the same hours as the rest of Metrorail. At rush hours, trains will arrive every 6 minutes. At off-peak times and weekends, trains will arrive every 12-15 minutes – the same as other lines.
◦Monday-Thursday, 5:00am to midnight
◦Friday, 5:00am to 3:00am (Saturday)
◦Saturday, 7:00am to 3:00am (Sunday)
◦Sunday, 7:00am to midnight

Will it be crowded?

Maybe not at the beginning, but we expect the line to attract around 25,000 boardings per day (or 50,000 riders per day going to and from the new stations) in the first couple of years – around a third of which will actually be customers switching from the Orange Line to Silver Line because it’s more convenient for them.

Will the Silver Line solve traffic problems?

There is no single solution to the area’s traffic problems, but the Silver Line project is a central part of an integrated solution that maximizes our investments in Metro, buses, carpools, HOT lanes, road improvements and teleworking.

Will Silver Line impact other rail lines?

Blue Line Impacts
Currently, during the morning and afternoon rush hours, there are 7 Blue Line trips per hour on an uneven headway. After the Silver Line begins service the Blue Line will be reduced to an even 12 minute headway (5 trains per hour) with more of the trains being 8-car trains. There is no change to Blue Line service during midday or weekend hours. Options For The Fastest Commute | Bus Alternatives (PDF)

Orange Line Impacts
Due to expected rider shift to Silver Line there will be fewer rush hour trains between Vienna and West Falls Church.
Silver Line to Largo Town Center eliminates need for the Rush+ service between Vienna and Largo Town Center.

Click here to learn more http://silverlinemetro.com/

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Happy Birthday Windsor at Arbors!

July 24, 2014 12:53 pm

Don't forget to come celebrate our birthday tonight by the pool!

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