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Bilbo Baggins: An Alexandria Pub



If you’re looking for a nice pub and restaurant to meet up with friends for food and drink in Alexandria, come to Bilbo Baggins, and Old Town spot adjacent to the Green Dragon Pub. Come on in and enjoy the classic pub atmosphere; it’s almost like you’ve stepped right into the Shire! Beer drinkers will […]

Redecorating? Here’s How to Get Gutsy with Color and Design



Bold style and colors can transform your home to make it feel more fun and happy. If you’re looking to liven up your home and really make your space more exciting, follow these tips for some inspiration. Use a large, oversized reflective object, such as a light fixture, to assert dominance on everything else in […]

Explore Art and Archaeology at the Torpedo Factory Art Center



Roughly half a million people check out the Torpedo Factory Art Center every single year. Since it first opened in 1974, the massive collection of art galleries has attracted a lot of attention due to its sheer size. It houses 82 studios, each holding the work of a different local artist. The public is always […]

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